Simmons-Truax-Godbout-Ames Family Tree

Welcome to my Simmons-Truax-Godbout-Ames family tree site! Genealogy has been a lifelong passion of mine, beginning with my grandparents and great-aunt and great-uncle, who sat with me as a young girl, showing me all their old photos and telling me their family stories. I am so grateful for all their love and storytelling, and for all the heirlooms they gave to me, including bibles, letters and photos. All of these items, along with their handwritten notes, helped me to compile this website.

Notes on other sources…

The Simmons tree, which is traced back to England/Holland in 1570, was developed through research done at the Latter Day Saints library in 1980. My father was in Utah for business and took some notes from his mother and uncle, and from there they did the rest. I still have the physical reports from that trip.

The Godbout tree, which I recently researched through Ancestry’s Quebec records, is traced back to France in the early 1600s. This was done primarily through Catholic church records including the Drouin Collection and Tanguay Collection. Canada was a British colony until 1867 so census data was not official until 1871. However there are some regional census records for pre-1867 for Canada East, which is modern day Quebec. Whenever available, Canadian Census records were used. These records were all in French but my Canadian husband helped me with my limited high school French, particularly in deciphering handwritten church records for baptisms, marriages, and burials. was my main source for all the other trees. I downloaded anything I could so if it’s not posted as a media file on an individual’s page, I have the source and documentation.

I also used for key burial information, when it was posted.

The sources for all the Mayflower (1620) and Fortune (1621) history is acknowledged on those individuals' pages. All of this is documented online and can be easily found in multiple U.S. history writings.

Finally, I had many pages of notes, newspaper clippings, and photos from my grandparents and parents; these were invaluable. Sometimes the online Ancestry records have errors in them, and with my family notes I was able to dismiss erroneous data or confirm other data.

My husband and I are still working on his family trees, for McCulloch and McNeel. Stay tuned! If you have a question on anything, please use the “Contact” function below. Thank you.

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